Collaborate with other musicians using
Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools & Bitwig Studio

Easy sharing with collaborators and
automatic backup of every change

Logic Pro X Ableton Live Avid Pro Tools Bitwig Studio

Automatic uploads

Every time you save a project Seshy will automatically push your changes into the cloud.

Your collaborators will have instant access to every change you make.

Team based collaboration

Teams make it easy to share your projects with your collaborators. Anybody who starts a new project can share it with the entire team in one click.

Travel back in time

Never worry about messing up a session because you wanted to try an experiment. Feel free to mess around. You can always go back to any version you'd like.

Describe your changes

Whenever you upload a new version you can add a short comment to let other team members know what you've done. This makes it easy to find particular versions.