Well… kinda?

If Seshy is running when you create a symlink it should notice the new project and the project should be uploaded.

However the process that watches for changes in the ~/Seshy directory won't be able to "see" any changes in the project. That means that if you save a change to the project Seshy won't automatically upload it for you. If you quit and then restart Seshy it should see the changes on the initial scan and then upload the new version at that time. You'll need to restart Seshy each time that you've made a change you want to upload.

For best results I recommend putting projects directly in the ~/Seshy folder, or in one of its sub-folders.

In the future there might be a configuration option to let you tell Seshy to watch other folders.

Will Seshy mess up my sessions?

I certainly hope not!

But, with that being said, you should be aware that that Seshy is alpha level software. For now I'd recommend being cautious, and if you have sessions that you really care about, please keep a copy of them outside of Seshy.

In most cases Seshy won't do things that would mess up a session.

But some actions are riskier than others. In specific, any time you download a project (or an older version), there is a chance for something to go sideways since we're directly messing with files inside the session.

Be sure to close Logic or Ableton before downloading new versions of a project.

Non-risky activities:

  • If you're using Seshy on your own, to back up your sessions, and you're not going back to older versions then there is very little risk that Seshy could mess up your sessions.