Seshy Pricing

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$0 /mo


$6 /mo


$18 /mo


$54 /mo

Storage Pool (for projects you own)

1 GB 50 GB 200 GB 1,000 GB

Umbrella Subscriptions (Learn more)

0 0 4 20

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Teams

Unlimited Collaborators

Pre-Paid Yearly Price (2 months free)

$0/yr $60/yr $180/yr $540/yr

Seshy is a tool for collaboration and cloud storage of DAW sessions.

It's always free to collaborate on projects.

You only pay for storage of projects you own.

You can collaborate with others by creating teams and sharing projects with them.

Teams are free, and you can have as many as you need. (Within reason. This is a collaboration tool, not a file distribution platform.)

It doesn't cost you anything to contribute to projects that are owned by others.



Seshy handles all the messy details about efficiently transporting complex DAW sessions from one computer to another.

Teams make it effortless for you to work with repeat collaborators and it's easy to invite new ones.


Every change you make to a session is automatically backed up to the cloud as long as you have Seshy running.

If anything happens to your studio computer you'll be able to recover all of your projects from the cloud.


Store every version of your projects, so that if you decide that you've taken a wrong turn, it's easy to go back to a previous version.

Make any change you want without fear of making an irreversible mistake.

What do subscriptions include?

Every plan comes with a Storage Pool to cover projects that you own and some plans include a number of Umbrella Subscriptions to allow you to extend your storage pool to additional teams. (This means you don't need multiple subscirptions if you're in multiple bands, for instance.)

All paid plans allow for Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Teams, and Unlimited Collaborators.

Learn more about how subscriptions work.

Storage Pool

The Storage Pool is the maximum amount of project data that your team can own. Collaborating on projects owned by others is free.

Storage Pool

Umbrella Subscriptions

Umbrella Subscriptions allow you to share your Storage Pool with other teams.

Umbrella Subscriptions

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