Note: This page is a work in progress and the system described below is aspirational and doesn't fully exist or work as described yet. I'm documenting it ahead of time to gather feedback and to give people a chance to see what to expect soon.


Subscriptions give you a larger Storage Pool which allows you to store more projects in Seshy. They also allow you to have have unlimited sized teams. (Within reason. This is a collaboration tool, not a file distribution service.)

A higher level subscription plan will allow you and your team(s) to store an even larger volume of projects.

Storage Pools

Each Subscription is owned by a single Team. Billing Admins for that Team can manage that Subscription.

The Storage Pool for a single Subscription can be extended to cover multiple Teams via Umbrella Subscriptions.

Umbrella Subscriptions

All Projects that are owned by Teams that are covered by a Subscription will count towards the storage quota of that Subscription.


Here are a few examples to help illustrate how it works.


If a friend or band mate invites you to contribute to one of their projects it won't cost you anything.

You can download any projects that they share with you, and any changes you make will be automatically shared with them.

If you start a new project you can request to transfer it to your friend or band mate. If they accept the project then it will count towards their storage quota.

The Collaborator plan comes with enough storage that you should be able to have at least a couple of works-in-progress that haven't been handed off yet.

Or, if you're working on just one masterpiece, it's enough storage that you can make a lot of progress before filling up the free storage pool.


Solo Artist

This is the simplest scenario, and it's pretty easy. You'd start a subscription for your Personal team and then projects that you upload would count towards the project quota for your subscription.


If you want to bring in some collaborators you can start a new team, invite them to join the team, and then share some of your projects with the team. It won't cost your collaborators anything to contribute to projects that you own.

As a Billing Admin for your Personal team you can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

If you cancel your subscription then your projects will no longer be available to download and new changes will not be saved by Seshy.


Bands can be tricky. (And I don't mean just about subscriptions!)

How you handle your subscription depends a lot on how you organize and manage your band.

Umbrella Subscriptions allow you to pay for a single subscription, but to cover everyone in the band.

If there's a clear "band leader" type then maybe the subscription is on their Personal team and they extend the subscription to the band.

Band Subscription

For more… democratic (or professional!) band arrangements you might want to have the main subscription be owned by the band team. Then several people in the band can be Billing Admins and will be able to manage the subscription.

You can also extend the subscription to the Personal teams of any band members that you'd like. (Or maybe they want to have their own subscription for Reasons™. That works too. Or mix and match!)


If you're a producer and you're working with many different artists it can be convenient to use the same workflow with all of them, but some of the people you're working with might not be subscribed to Seshy.

That's where Umbrella Subscriptions come in. They allow you to extend your storage pool to cover additional teams, which means that you can get all of your artists to use Seshy without all of them needing to manage their own subscriptions.

You can create a team for each artist that you work with, and then create an Umbrella Subscription to cover that team. Then any projects owned by that team will count towards your storage pool.


For a studio you'd probaby want to subscribe under a dedicated team just for your studio staff, or maybe even a team just for your billing/accounting folks.

Then you'd extend that subscription to teams that you want to cover under your subscription.

Do you have questions, or want some help?

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